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Whether you’re new to reading or a lifelong reader, it’s perfect for you.

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Welcome to The Reading Journal By Nikki B in Grey

The Reading Journal makes reading more enjoyable and productive. It’s a handy tool to keep track of your reading journey and develop good reading habits. Over time, The Reading Journal becomes a personalized library of all the stories and wisdom you’ve gained from reading. The Reading Journal will keep your reading organized and fun. The insights and notes you record will inspire your own ideas and help you make connections between different authors’ work. Whether you’re new to reading or a lifelong reader, it’s perfect for you.

The Reading Journal is made for GoodNotes and can work with other PDF Markup Apps.


✦✦✦ Features You’ll Love ✦✦✦

✦ Dashboard

Personalize your Reading Journal; Fill up your library card, Set and track your reading goals, and express yourself with a mood board.

✦ My Library

Record your adventure! Fill up your library with the books you read and write a review, your favorite quotes, and notes on each of them. You can also pick either a grid, ruled, dotted, or blank page for your notes!

✦ Favorite Authors and Books

A special space for your all-time favorites!

✦ Fave Authors

Includes a description of the author, your top 3 books from the author, and books you read and will read from the author.

✦ Fave Books

Includes a description of the book, your favorite quote from the book, and your rating of the book.

✦Book Reviews

Write down book details and progress, summaries, reviews, thoughts, overall ratings, and your favorite quotes.

✦ Favorite Quotes

Your space for favorite quotes. As you come across inspiring words from a book, jot them down here.

✦ Notes

Need a place for your notes while reading? Choose between 4 templates – grid, ruled, dotted and blank. Hope at least one of these options helps you find a note-taking style that works for you!


Hooked on a series? Keep track of the series you’re following with a description of the series, a list of titles in the series, and a rating on the series once you’ve finished.

✦ Vocabulary

Learned a new lingo? Jot down the word and its meaning in the vocabulary section that includes pages for each letter.


Wanna make reading a habit? Track and build your habit with a daily tracker for the whole year and a monthly reading summary for how many days you’ve read and how many books you’ve finished for the month.

✦ Lending Tracker

Never forget who borrowed what! The lending tracker helps you to keep track of the books you lend and to whom you lent them.

✦ Challenges

Challenge how much you love reading! Includes 7 challenges that you can complete at your own pace.

✦Finished Books

Get creative in listing down your finished books! Includes 2 templates; a blank canvas that you can use to build your own shelf with stickers and a ready-made template that you can color or design!

✦ Upcoming Releases

Excited about a new book that’s about to come out? Keep a record of their releases in your journal. This section includes spaces for each month.

✦ Wishlist

Eyeing a new book? Keep a record of your wishlist in this section and take note of its price and format.


✦✦✦ What’s Inside ✦✦✦

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The Reading Journal By Nikki B is for personal use only and cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes. Due to the nature of this digital product, it cannot be returned.

Please let me know if you are experiencing any issues and I am here to help and guide you.


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